Terms & Conditions


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Online appointment

When a request for an appointment is received, we will endeavour to confirm and agree the date and time with the customer within 5 days. In most cases we will contact the customer between 1 and 24 hours prior to agreed appointment time to re-confirm details of appointment. We reserve the right to cancel appointments without notice if re-confirmation is not achieved. Unless there are circumstances beyond our/the customers reasonable control, we/the customer will make every effort to provide 24 hours notice for any cancellation of appointment. 


A deposit (which depending upon order value may be upto 100% of the agreed price) shall be payable upon confirming the order. This payment shall be forfeited to the us on account of damages in the event of the customer’s breach of contract. In the event that cleared funds are not received for the deposit payment (for example if your cheque bounces) we may request full payment before any installation of goods take place.

Unless payment in-full has been made on placing the order, payment of the purchase price for the order, net of any deposit already paid, is due immediately upon completion date, or, in the event of cancellation or refusal to accept delivery of the goods, upon such cancellation or refusal as the case may be.  All goods remain the property of Carpets2u until payment is received in full.

Where you do not make any payment to us for any order by its due date, we may, in addition to any other rights which we have in law: withhold further deliveries or supplies, or suspend performance of the order until arrangements as to payment; and/ or we may bring action against you for the price of the goods at any time.


Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, any delivery or supply date or time specified by us in any order or otherwise is a best estimate only and we will not be liable to you for any loss or damage (including for the avoidance of doubt any loss of income or revenue, loss of business, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data or any waste of time related to a cancelled fitting appointment) sustained by you if we fail to meet that time scale because of circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
Unsuccessful installations: Customer payments/good-will refunds will not be made and we shall not be liable to you if we are prevented or delayed in the performing of any obligations to you if this is due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including (but not limited to): delays caused by our suppliers, shipping delays, an act of God, explosion, flood, fire or accident; war or civil disturbance; strike, industrial action or stoppages of work; any form of government intervention; a third party act or omission; failure by you to give us a correct delivery address or notify us of any change of address; Home Adaptations; Pre-installation payments not received.

It is a condition of these terms that access to the property is made available at the mutually agreed dates for measurement, installation and service calls. In order to ensure safe working practices it is a condition of these terms that the area in which the works are to be carried out is cleared of but not limited to pets, plants, furniture, breakable items and household residents. We requires 24 hours’ notice of a cancelled appointment.

In the event that the area due for fitting is not cleared ready for the fit as per the instruction on the terms and conditions form Carpets2u hold the right to abort the fit. It is outlined on the order which party, customer or installation team is to carry out the services, these include, furniture removal, uplift and disposal of old flooring, door trimming and sub floor preparation. Details are outlined as to what must be done by the customer prior to the arrival of the installations team, if this is not done we reserve the right to abort the fit and re-arrange once the necessary preparation work is carried out.

If the Services supplied by us are not in accordance with these terms and conditions, you should notify us in writing within a reasonable time from their supply or of becoming aware of the defects which are not apparent to you on a reasonable inspection of the services. We will arrange with you a time when we can visit your home to examine the supplied services and, if the services are not in compliance with these terms and conditions we will, either remedy the defect in question or re-supply the defective services.

Whilst every attempt will be made by us to ensure that the goods supplied match in every respect any samples shown or description given to you, any minor or immaterial variation between sample or description and the goods delivered shall not entitle you to reject the goods, nor to withhold or reduce payment of the purchase price, nor claim any compensation for such variation or change.