Carpets, ( which is the right carpet for your living space?)

Carpet creates a feeling of luxury and comfort in a room. Whether you want elegant formality or a casual space for your family to relax, there is a carpet that is just right for your home and lifestyle.

You should be able to relax in your home, and it’s never easier than with the soft cushioning feel of carpet underneath your feet. Carpet is easy on the joints and once underfoot makes constantly walking around a little less tough. With all the new advancements that have been popping up in the flooring industry, carpet is more durable and stain-resistant than ever before, making it a low-maintenance choice that will last you for years to come.

Carpet Styles

  • Textured Carpets

    A textured carpet adds wonderful depth to any area of your home. Whether it’s a plain texture, a striking stripe or subtle pattern, you’ll find a carpet from our textured ranges to suit your style and colour scheme.

  • Plain carpets

    From neutral coloured carpets through to the most colourful carpet around, carpets2u plain coloured carpet ranges can coordinate with your home décor and add comfort and luxury to any room.

  • Flecked carpets

    Flecked carpets are one of the most popular carpets as they can add a more heathered look that comes from the use of the flecked yarn. They also can hide a multitude of sins in the home.

  • Striped carpets

    Stripes are not only fantastic for turning your stairs or hallway into a feature you can be proud of, but they are also increasingly being used in bedrooms, living rooms and throughout the home.

Carpet Material

Polyamide carpets (Super soft)
Polyamide fabrics tend to have a better feel, because they have softer and more flexible fibers, though they produce more static. This softness was because they were initially designed as an alternative for silk. This high strength-flexibility combo drives up their cost.

Polypropylene Carpets (stain resistant)
The benefit of having a polypropylene carpet is that it is hard wearing and stain resistant. It is bleach cleanable, fade resistant and great value for money. Polypropylene carpets dyed with a matt look can look identical to wool, yet cost a fraction of the price. However, polypropylene can be prone to flattening more so than wool or nylon.

Wool carpets
Our impressive range of wool carpets adds understated style and effortless quality to your home. Wool has excellent durability. When blended with synthetic fibers such as nylon the durability of wool is increased. Blended wool yarns are extensively used in production of modern carpet. Wool is relatively expensive.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is no longer just for kitchens and bathrooms! With such luxury and contemporary designs available, vinyl is fast becoming the go-to choice for flooring throughout homes. And what's great is that despite the popularity, the price remains affordable.

  • Plain

  • Wood

  • Tiled

  • Striped

  • Loud

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